Our overall experience was beyond excellent! I highly recommend DJ to any and everyone!”

“I met DJ at a housewarming event. There I found out what he did for a living and turned to my husband and said “he would be a perfect agent to sell our house.” We did have someone else in mind but quickly changed it upon meeting him. DJ is professional and personable and he makes you feel like you’ve known him all your life. There was a genuineness that really resonated with me and in the people business I feel it is important to have someone that is “real” yet represents you well. We don’t regret our decision for a second and do and will continue to recommend him to others. If we ever sell the house we are building we would call him immediately to represent us again.

While we hadn’t bought our new house yet, we were building at the time we put this house up for sale and timing was a factor to roll over the money from this sale into our down payment for our new house (still haven’t closed on it yet). The sale of our house was seamless! DJ gave us wonderful tips on what we should do before the first showing/put it on the market. We gave ourselves a week. Then he and Tracy came over on a weekend (impressed that they both would bend over backwards and make time with our schedules–not an easy task). I’ve bought and sold 3 homes prior to this (not in Texas) and my husband has bought and sold 3 or 4. In all that time, we’ve never had such EXCELLENT pictures taken and such great marketing. Tracy really captured the essence of our home and we loved that! The house was put up for sale and in less than 48 hours we were deciding which offer to accept. DJ was on top of everything from start to finish. He explained things clearly. Answered any questions we had and is an excellent communicator. We never had to wait for replies to questions. So regarding the sale of the house – let’s just say that was a phenomenal experience all the way around!!

Well, I’m all about Customer Service and being in that line of business for more than two decades and seeing the decline of it in many places, have no fear because DJ is all about his customers. Our house isn’t GRAND and very modest yet he treated it and us like we were selling a mansion and gave us that kind of respect and attention. I notice those things. He worked as hard on our little house as you would a 10,000 sq. foot home. I will not be able to say enough great things about DJ (great seems like an understatement) and I can be a tough cookie to please sometimes because I was in that line of work and I place a great deal of importance on good customer service. He always went above and beyond. Selling a house is personal and can be stressful because it’s just the nature of selling a house, timelines, etc…He made everything so very smooth. I carry his business cards on me and do not hesitate to hand them out. That’s how impressed I was and am. I’m not always easily impressed. I wish that everyone could be represented as well as we were.

I believe I answered this in all my comments previously. Our overall experience was beyond excellent! I highly recommend DJ to any and everyone!”

Shannon Ewers, Spring, TX (Seller)